Monday, August 23, 2004

A web search today on "poor in spirit" just now brought up a customized add which promised "great deals on 'spirit' at!" I'm not sure if the irony in that makes me want to laugh or cry. Lying in bed tonight, feeling so hopeless and miserable, the meaning of that phrase finally came to me. In the midst of this anguish building inside which left me unable to sleep, it just appeared. Although I had heard the admonishment so many times before, it never really clicked. To be "poor in spirit" is to be humble in the face of the Divine. It is to realize you are powerless, to realize that your existence depends on something greater. Oddly, that realization is empowering. It is only in the surrender of Self that man is able to realize that he is actually part of the Divine, and can draw strength from it. I've always been so certain of the power of my own Will to conquer anything, and I've only been frustrated by my quite obvious limitations. Now I'm beginning to understand why Pride is the first sin - Pride is what keeps us separate, keeps us blind to Sacred that is hidden in plain sight.

I'm thankful for a ray of Hope in such a dark hour.

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