Saturday, June 05, 2004

Just got back from my 2nd tattoo session. Good Lord, I never imagined how much tattooing your ass could hurt. This week I was only able to last an hour. Most of the left side of my body is a good way towards being outlined. Afterwards I was shivering violently for a good 15-20 minutes. It could have been that a cold breeze was hitting my naked body, but I'm leaning more towards the view that it was my body's response to reaching it's pain threshold. People have told me your are supposed to feel good after a tattoo, something about endorphins being released as your brain attempts to adjust to the pain. After these last two sessions I felt anything but good - I left trembling, broken and exhausted. Will post a picture of this week's progress soon. Spoke with Shinji and he suggested the entire piece could take a year or more to finish, which is about what I expected. It's a new experience, trying to visualize the work laid out before me. I'm excited for the months to come.

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