Saturday, November 15, 2003

I really feel like I've slipped into a creative void. I have plenty of moments of inspiration, but I can't seem to translate those moments into meaningful action. Thinking back, the last time I was very creatively productive was immedietely after moving to NYC (Fall/Winter 2001). I was writing plenty of music and poetry, reading a great deal and exploring new topics, putting records out on the label, djing, etc. Things have been slowly winding down since then, and in the past few months it's all come to a slow and painful halt. Of course it was easier 2 years ago, when I was unemployed and didn't have to expend my energy at a job. Now I work 40-60 hours a week in the finance world, and when I come home I don't feel like doing anything but staring at the wall or sleeping. On the weekends I barely manage to get my chores done around the loft, let alone have a creative breakthrough. I intend to start going to the gym regularly again next week, which probably isn't going to help. Time to take inventory and determine where I can conserve energy.

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