Monday, November 24, 2003

Came across an interesting article today, which introduces a novel perspective on so called "amotivational syndrome" and cannabis. The traditional definition of amotivational syndrome is "... apathy, loss of effectiveness, and diminished capacity or willingness to carry out complex, long-term plans, endure frustration, concentrate for long periods, follow routines, or successfully master new material. Verbal facility is often impaired both in speaking and writing. Some individuals exhibit greater introversion, become totally involved with the present at the expense of future goals and demonstrate a strong tendency toward regressive, childlike, magical thinking[1]." Current clinical research seems to validate my suspicion that amotivational syndrome is nothing more than one of those bogeymen still with us from the days of "Reefer Madness". I have to admit though, a good portion of that definition is descriptive of me at this period in my life (although I don't believe my verbal capacity to be diminished - I never was very eloquent). However, what really struck a chord with me in the article was this:

Pharmacologically, when cannabis is ingested the primary psycho-active ingredient, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), rapidly disappears from the blood plasma and is taken up in fat where it remains with a half life decay rate of 5-7 days. This means that following a single dose of THC, less than 1% of the primary active ingredient remains in fatty tissue after approximately 35-50 days [10]. THC's oil solubility, and thus its high affinity for fatty tissue, probably accounts for its attraction to neural tissue with its high lipid content. Although, in the case of light to moderate cannabis users THC can be detected in body fluids for approximately 30 days after the last consumption, it is quite difficult to detect perceptual-motor effects this long after a given average single dose (1-3 mg THC in cannabis to be smoked).

In a nutshell: given my current cannabis usage pattern, I would say there's a good chance I'm moderately to slightly intoxicated at all times. That's pretty disturbing to me. As of today, 11/24/03, I'm officially beginning a 30-day smoke-free period. God help me!

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