Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The latest addition to my print collection, a great triptych by Kunichika of actors in a waterfall with plenty of tattoo work and intricate kimonos. Published 1883. Click for a larger image.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Picked up Michael McCabe's book "Japanese Tattooing Now" and I enjoyed it. The best part about this book is that it is essentially a collection of interviews with a variety of tattoo artists in Japan, so the artists are able to speak for themselves without anything getting in the way (like Western notions of Japanese culture, for example). Old and young, traditionalists and new schoolers, tebori and "one point" - all these viewpoints are explored, and some interesting perspectives emerge on the continuing evolution of tattoo art in Japan. The cross-pollination of American and Japanese culture continues to be a driver of this evolution - sometimes resulting in a fusion of styles, and sometimes resulting in a return to traditional values. Horihide, Horiyoshi III, Horitoshi I and a number of the "usual suspects" are interviewed as well as some newer faces such as Sabado, Hori-Show, Tsukasa, Madoka and others. There are also some great pictures throughout. I recommend checking it out!

Here are some pics from the last round of work. More highlights on the koi and finishing up the red in Kintaro. Next appointment is in a few weeks when I get back from the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Hopefully I can stop by and visit the folks at Miami Ink while I'm down there.

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